24-Hour Emergency Services Available

24-Hour Emergency Services Available

24-Hour Emergency Services Available

Stump grinding and removal in Jacksonville, FL

Getting a tree stump grinded or removed can improve the look of your property drastically. Tree Masters, Inc. is a tree service in Jacksonville, FL that offers stump grinding and removal in both Duval and St. Johns counties. We offer services to both residential and commercial properties, so if you have a stump at your home or your business, we can take care of it for you!

if you have a stump that is bigger or goes deeper into the ground than 6-8 inches, we have a different machine for that. This machine is much bigger and can be used to grind something like a large oak tree. This method goes a grade level deeper than your sod, and after all the grinding is done, you are left with dirt and fresh, natural, organic mulch that can be repurposed.

Why Choose Us

Tree Masters, Inc. has been providing tree services to residential and commercial customers in Jacksonville and surrounding areas for over 28 years. We know the Jacksonville area and what type of trees grow in the area, which means we know how to handle any tree you have. In addition to this, we also have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau because of our dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience as well as our focus on safety.

Looking For A Trusted And Respected Stump Removal Company?

We are here for all of your tree service needs!