Pruning your trees is an essential part of tree care. Essentially, you’re giving your trees a haircut, getting rid of damaged ends, overgrown tree branches, creating a cohesive decorative tone, and giving your trees a healthy foundation to promote new growth. But just how important is proper tree trimming? The team at Tree Masters in Jacksonville, FL have given 4 tips about why you should consider a tree trimming service

1. Tree Pruning Promotes Growth

Tree trimming is a proven way to promote new growth. When you separate struggling or unattractive branches, your tree will put more water and nutrients into other parts of the plant. These trimmed areas will regrow to reach equilibrium with the existing root system. Typically, there will be new growth around the trimmed sections. The more consistently you trim your trees, the thicker and healthier your tree will develop. As long as there isn’t any over-trimming. 

2. It Encourages Fruiting Trees To Produce

The section of your fruiting tree that produces fruit is called a spur. When dead limbs and other debris accumulate, infestations with insects or other pests, as well as tree diseases are more common. Removing dead areas is a good way to encourage the growth of new spurs. With a healthy tree, more spurs will translate into more fruits. Pruning your tree is a surefire way to encourage more fruit. 

3. It Reduces Disease

Like any other organism, plants can also get diseases. Occasionally the best way to cure common tree diseases is to prune the sections that are infected. This works especially well with fungal infections. A common fungus that can quickly spread among most trees is called powdery mildew. If left untreated, this fungus can easily affect a large amount of your yard and vegetation. In this case, removing the affected branches is an easy course of action. While this can be done by homeowners, a professional tree service like Tree Masters, Inc. in Jacksonville can diagnose and treat the problem. 

4. Trimming Trees Prevents Safety Hazards

Overgrown tree limbs can be a danger if they’re diseased or damaged. Everyone has seen the amount of debris that’s leftover after a thunderstorm or hurricane. Things can be especially worrisome if trees have overhanging limbs above your home’s roof or electrical lines. Poor tree health is translated into the roots. Trees can and will fall, which causes extensive and expensive damage. Trusting an expert tree trimming service like Tree Masters, Inc. can help maintain and mitigate the safety hazards that can occur. 

Professional Tree Trimming Service in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you are worried about the safety of your property and your investment, or want to create an aesthetic to fit your taste, trimming trees is an effective way to protect your family, protect your investments, and enhance the value of your property. Trees provide shade and beauty to any property, but maintenance is an important responsibility. Contact Tree Masters, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL. to take the next steps in taking care of your trees today