April showers are upon us, and though many flowers are sure to come, there will be a lot of yard work to do. Springtime is here and as temperatures rise, thunderstorms will become more of a regularity. With the harsh weather just around the corner, it is important to get your yard prepared to withstand the tropical Jacksonville weather. Tidying up before the winds hit can save you a lot of time cleaning up after the storm.

How To Prepare For The Storm

Before the storm, it is important to inspect the trees in your yard. Dead branches and rotting wood are more likely to fall off and should be removed if found. When you are removing the rot, be sure not to cut off any large, healthy branches. If the tree becomes unhealthy altogether, you may consider removing it before the bad weather does so for you. Wind speeds during storms can reach up to 70 mph, which is enough to potentially topple a tree. Checking the drainage in your yard is important as well. Make sure that the storm drains are free of debris. Standing water can loosen tree roots too, making it more likely for a tree to fall.

Clean Up After The Storm

Once the storm has passed, go back out and check the trees for a second time. Look for split trunks, fallen branches, and broken treetops. These are the more dangerous remnants of the storm and should be dealt with carefully. The smaller branches, twigs, and leaves can be gathered for future fire tender or taken to the curb. Plants with broken stems and snapped leaves should be removed. Once the structure of the stem is compromised, it is unlikely the plant will make a recovery. If the stems are still intact, then there is still hope. 

Even an uprooted plant can be replanted. When removing the damaged leaves, make sure you do not cut more than 1/3 of the leaves so that the plant can replenish what it has lost. After all the debris is out of your yard, you can get back to helping your yard flourish. Mulching, watering, and fertilizing are all good ways to improve the health of your lawn and prevent future storm damage. 

Debris Removal Services Near Me

Removing pieces of trees and storm debris can be a difficult and dangerous task. Dealing with split tree trunks, dangling branches, and broken treetops can be risky to do on your own. Tree Masters, Inc. is a tree service provider in both Duval and St. Johns surrounding areas. We provide both commercial and residential tree services, including tree removal, tree trimming, debris removal, and stump grinding. Trees provide beauty and shade but maintaining them can be difficult. If you need help cleaning up after the storm, book an appointment at the top of the page!