Throughout the year you spend your free time outdoors every weekend putting in the effort and taking care of your lawn. From planting new seeds to laying rolls of sod, fighting weeds, and mapping the ideal geometric mowing pattern, you’ve spent time and energy maintaining your lawn. Now one of Florida’s famous storms has passed through and left your lawn covered in leaves and branches.

Luckily, Tree Masters, Inc. offers tree debris removal services to get your lawn back in shape. It’s important to clear your lawn of debris and here are some major reasons that illustrate that.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Besides maintaining that picture-perfect lush green look, there are numerous reasons to keep your lawn clear from debris. The first is an often overlooked one, pests. When you allow leaves and other debris to accumulate, it makes the perfect home for rodents, fire ants, snakes, and many other critters. Anytime you move across your lawn you have the potential to stir up these pests which will eventually cause damage to your home. 

In addition, old debris will strangle your lawn and ensure that no new grass can grow, causing a myriad of issues in the process. If you want a lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors, make sure to hire locally for tree debris removal in Jacksonville, FL.

More Outdoor Space to Enjoy

Once you finally clean up tree debris from around your lawn, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much room you actually have. With the added space, you’ll be able to finally start that vegetable garden or flower bed, or just have the extra area to enjoy with your family, friends, and pets.


You may not have considered it before, but leaving your lawn in disarray can be a serious safety hazard. Tree Masters, Inc has seen the aftermath of countless storms and this type of debris can be especially dangerous with sharp sticks and edges everywhere. This is the last thing you want laying around in your yard and can be a potential legal liability as well.

Raise Your Home’s Value

Nothing does more to raise your curb appeal than having a beautifully manicured lawn. Taking care of your outdoor area can add a lot to your home’s value and it shows that you take pride in your neighborhood. Whether you are interested in potentially selling your home or just looking to take care of your property, keeping your lawn clean and free from debris is a great place to start.

Doing Your Best For The Environment

Most people are aware of their carbon footprint yet many overlook the simple steps they can take in their daily life to reduce it. Taking the time to clean up tree debris and other organic material on your lawn is a great step towards your goal of living a greener lifestyle. This is because most of this organic material can be composted or turned into mulch that can be reused. The alternative is that it will be bagged up and sent to a landfill where it is unable to decompose naturally.

Tree Masters, Inc. For Your Debris Removal Needs

Proper debris removal services need to have safety, recyclability, efficiency, and your individual needs in mind. For anyone that is considering tree debris removal in Jacksonville, FL, contact the experts at Tree Masters Inc to handle your debris in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Not only have we been a prominent figure in this community for a long time, we understand that debris removal after a storm can be delicate work. We take the time to finish each job to the client’s satisfaction while also maintaining our safety and environmental standards.