When you are considering having the stump removed, you have to decide between grinding the stump down or removing it entirely. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and only after you have been educated on the process can you decide which is best for your situation. Here, we will answer all your questions about the stump grinding process.  

What is The Stump Grinding Process?

During a stump grinding service, we will come to your home and saw down the stump with a walk-behind machine that allows us to grind down the stump to a bucket-sized amount of wood pulp. This machine utilizes a strong rotating blade that minces the stump down to several inches below your soil level. If you’re looking for a service that handles stump grinding in Jacksonville, FL, Tree Masters, Inc. certainly has you covered.

It’s Different Than Stump Removal

Complete stump removal is a far more in-depth process than just grinding the stump down. Luckily, every Tree Masters tree service comes with a full survey of your property to ensure you are making the best decision possible. When you opt for complete stump removal you are also removing the entire root system underneath the stump. Utilizing a Bobcat or similar heavy machinery, we will churn through the soil surrounding the stump to extract all the excess roots. Stump removal will also leave behind a large hole whereas stump grinding will mostly flatten the area.

As you can see, stump removal is a more in-depth option that is useful when clearing a lot for a new foundation but maybe too much for the average homeowner. Most people are satisfied with just grinding the stump down to reinvigorate the area and make space for a flower bed or new yard fixture.

What Happens After The Grinding Process?

After the stump has been ground down, you’ll either be left with a relatively level surface or a small crater depending on the position and size of the initial tree stump. There will also be an excess of wood chips and sawdust. This can be used as natural mulch or used to fill any divot left behind after the service.

Can I Replant a New Tree On The Same Spot?

A common question Tree Masters, Inc. receives is “can I replant a new tree afterwards?” While you ultimately can, it’s normally advised that you don’t. With an existing root bed still intact it will be difficult for a new tree to grow on top of it. Also, as old roots decompose they often change the acidity of the soil. If you are interested in planting a new tree, make sure to inform us before we perform our Tree Masters, Inc. tree service and we can advise you on the best path forward.

Can a Stump Still Sprout?

Interestingly enough, tree stumps can actually sprout new growth long after the tree has been initially cut down. This is just another reason to remove tree stumps instead of letting them become a problem over time.

A Qualified Tree Removal Team Near You

If you have never handled stump removal, stump grinding or dealt with fallen trees on your property before, understand that it certainly can be dangerous work for untrained people. When you need a team that handles stump grinding in Jacksonville, FL, make sure to contact Tree Masters, Inc. to take care of this delicate process for you. Our team has helped clients with both commercial and private property, and we always ensure that we perform our duties in the most efficient and safest manner possible to ensure that no damage comes to your property. Reach out to Tree Master Inc to hear more about the different packages we have for you!